We develop formulations that match your custom needs
We develop formulations that match your custom needs
Research and Development

To cater to your marketing goals and requirements, Bell creates state-of-the-art custom formulations in-house. If necessary, we will also provide you with an extensive set of product formulas that can be altered to suit your needs. All the formulations we provide are of the highest quality standards, and undergo stability testing, actives testing, and preservative efficacy testing to ensure that their performance is unmatchable.

Our work is recognized throughout the world. Our products have received numerous awards such as the Glamour Magazine Beauty Award in 2017, the American Spa Professional Choice Award in 2017, the SHAPE Magazine Sun Awards Winner in 2014, the Self Magazine Summer Favorite SPF, the New Beauty Magazine Award for Best Organic Natural Product and Favorite Organic SPF, and the Beauty Choice Award for The Best Natural Sunscreen in 2013. Bell looks forward to making your next product world-renowned.

  • Formulations
  • Accelerated Stability / Shelf-Life
  • Preservative Efficacy Challenge Test
  • Analytical Testing
  • Abbreviated New Drug Application (topical generic drugs) ANDA


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Analytical Laboratory Capabilities

Our analytical laboratory capabilities encompass the entire range of testing methodology required to identify and analyze all the OTC drug activities in USP36. For the entire range of products we formulate and manufacture, we can assay for every single ingredient contained. The analysis capabilities offered at Bell are:


The cutting-edge assay technology of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (EDX) is employed by Bell International Labs for the fast, precise, and accurate determination (identity and concentration) of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in our mineral sunscreen finished products.
An important feature of this analysis method is that it is performed directly on the finished product without any sample preparation. This feature of EDX facilitates both the speedy testing of finished products (10 minutes vs several hours) and the elimination of possible errors introduced during sample preparation. The corresponding benefits to our customers are the facilitation of on-time delivery of finished product and the reliable measurement of both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

In-Vitro SPF Testing

We  are equipped with the best instrumentation currently available for measuring the in-vitro SPF values of sunscreen formulations. With this capability we can perform: In-vitro SPF measurements (UVB), Critical Wavelength measurements (UVA/Broad Spectrum), 40-minute and 80-minute Water Resistance testing, and Photo Stability testing.

Although in-vivo testing is still required by the FDA, our in-vitro SPF measurement capabilities allows us to serve our customers by facilitating the rapid development of new sunscreen formulation by providing the formulators with instant information about the SPF value of their incipient formulations. This can reduce the formulation time from many months to a few weeks. It also allows in-house verification of the in-vivo SPF results and assures the veracity of the SPF label claim. With our in-house, in-vitro SPF measurement capabilities, Bell International Laboratories provides our sun-care customers services that are unequaled in the industry.


Non-Invasive Clinical Testing

The array of Non-Invasive Clinical Tests currently available at Bell include measurements of: Skin pH, Skin Elasticity, TEWL (Skin Barrier Health), Skin Hydration (Moisturization), Skin Thickness and General Skin Health (Ultrasound), Sebum Level, Skin Color and Skin Tone Uniformity, Skin Temperature, Skin Wrinkle Evaluation (Videoscope), and Anti-Aging Assessments. These capabilities allow us to evaluate/validate product performance, formulate products that meet our customer’s performance requirements, and provide product claim support for our customers. Our test protocols are in accord with industry standards and surpass accepted norms.

Ultra Violet (UV) Spectrophotometry

Using the UV spectrophotometry, we can accurately measure even small concentrations of numerous organic, inorganic, and metallic compounds using their property of absorbance of selective wavelengths of visible/ultraviolet light rays. At Bell, we use the UV spectrophotometry instrument to determine zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, sunscreens, dyes, polysaccharides, and oxychloro compounds.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Bell uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) as part of our formulation analysis. The HPLC is the most powerful and widely used identification and analysis technique available today. The talented staff at Bell use the HPLC technique to precisely identify and quarantine the active ingredients in your product. Complete with high precision automatic injection, dual wavelength detection, and both gradient and isocratic elution features, it is gives our staff the edge in analysis.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

When Bell’s lab staff uses the Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), we have quality on our mind.The FTIR spectroscopy instrument is used to provide you with nothing but exceptional quality of work. The quality control instrument can help in confirming the identity of as well as detecting the presence of foreign matter in raw materials. Using the FTIR spectroscopy, we can ensure that every product manufactured by us is of the highest quality. It is achieved by comparing the unique signature of your compound with our extensive library of standard spectra.

Gas Chromatography (GC)

The Gas chromatography method is complementary to HPLC, and allows the identification and quantification of compounds that are not amenable to HPLC analysis. Our Shimadzu GC-2014 is equipped with a split/splitless injector, FID detector, auto-injector, capillary column capabilities, and temperature program features. The combined capabilities of our GC and HPLC instruments allow us to identify and quantify a plethora of organic compounds of cosmetic and pharmaceutical interest.