Where your ideas turn into high-quality products
Where your ideas turn into high-quality products

Bell International Labs operates in a state-of-the-art facility covering 250,000 square feet, staffed by 300 people dedicated to creating innovative and high quality products. We can efficiently handle both small and large product quantities to meet your budget and deadline.


Bell is an industry leader in manufacturing personal care and OTC formulations with multiple government/industry licenses and registrations. We have expertise in organic and green formulation solutions and are equipped to manufacture a variety of product types including non-aerosol continuous sprays, emulsions, hot fills and powders.


With over 25,000 gallons total of compounding capacity our production area is equipped with tanks ranging from 15 to 2,000 gallons. Our compounding staff is dedicated to overseeing the process control for hot mixing, homogenizing, phase combination and rapid cooling of all formulas. The compounding team also partners with the development lab to ensure successful scale-up from the bench to full production.

High Speed Filling

Numerous automated lines give us the ability to meet multiple deadlines with quality and efficiency, giving our customers the best service. We are equipped to fill the following packaging types: packets, tubes, bottles, cans, jars, powders, and hot fills such as lip balms and sunscreen sticks.

Packaging and Palletizing

Once the order is completed, we pack your product with great care and store it in our warehouse until it's time to ship. As your product awaits its departure from our facility, our warehouse staff ensures that your product is safe by carefully wrapping the shipping cartons and stacking them onto pallets.