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Sun Care products were made for Continuous Spray

Posted on April 12th, 2017, by Bell International Laboratories in Blog Post


The days of slathering thick, white cremes into skin for what seems like hours are gone. You know that customers have applying the product correctly, and can have embarrassment over streaks of white. A good spray product helps eliminate these problems.

Propellant gas aerosols, however, aren’t environmentally friendly, and my customers are. That’s where Continuous Spray technology comes in.

Continuous Spray technology gives your sun care product an edge in the market by providing an environmentally friendly and easy-to-apply product.

We formulate, reformulate, and package continuous spray products for a host of sun care product lines.

As an NSF Certified Organic Facility, we can help you formulate a 100 percent Organic product to fill your Continuous Spray bottle.

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