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How does Continuous Spray work?

Posted on April 12th, 2017, by Bell International Laboratories in Blog Post

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If you’re looking for a greener way for your product to spray, avoid aerosol and opt for continuous spray technology.

What is Continuous Spray?
Continuous spray is an air-based aerosol replacement solution. No propellent gases are used making the packaging non-pressurized.

How does it work?
When the customer presses the button, a small amount of liquid under pressure is taken in and then it releases mist-like spray. The output is dosed and remains constant throughout the life of the product.

Is there a product it doesn’t work with?
If your product has a high viscosity, solvent-based, or your formulation dries quickly.

What is our capability?
We have already filled hundreds of orders for customers and environmentally friendly brands. With our continuous spray bottling machine, we are able to output large volumes of product quickly, efficiently, and error-free.

Formulas for continuous spray packaging can be filled for volumes starting from 200ml through to 700ml.

Ready to formulate?
Contact us to start a conversation about your next continuous spray product.