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Conversation with the CEO: Taking a small step into the green market.

Posted on April 12th, 2017, by Bell International Laboratories in Blog Post

Mo Saremi

We sat down with Mo Saremi to talk about one simple way to start entering the green market.

INSIDE BELL: It seems that the green, environmentally friendly market in health & beauty is only growing. How can a company break into this market?

MO SAREMI: As an NSF Certified Organic Facility, we recommend sourcing and formulating 100 percent organic products. This takes time to complete, but the customers seeking the verified ingredients will become loyal purchasers.

IB: But what if I’m not quite ready to go 100 percent Organic? Is there anything I can do to show my customer that I have environmental considerations?

MO: There are many ways, but one I’ll recommend is dropping any product that uses aerosol spray. The gases can have an environmental impact, and the contents must be put under pressure, which can cause problems in shipping or worse yet in the consumer’s hand through accidental explosions.

IB: So I can’t have spray products anymore?

MO: Not at all! With air-based aerosol or Continuous Spray technology, you can have a consistent spray that isn’t pressurized and has no propellant gases. We can formulate and fill many types of products in Continuous Spray packaging. And, with continuous spray, you can begin to take a step towards environmentally friendly products. Your customers will take notice, and you may start to attract new ones.

IB: That sounds pretty easy, and a simple way to start being a little greener.

MO: It’s definitely a start. The next step is to review and revise your formulations to see how you can make them more organic.